Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So long summer....sigh

Summer is waning, it can't be denied any longer, leaves are turning, the squirrels across the street are busy preparing and the mornings are downright chilly.
Secretly, some part of me always welcomes this time of year, but I feel a little bad for my hubby. He hates rainy, grey days, and in the Northwest we get plenty of them. Sometimes weeks of them in a row.
I however, really don't mind cranking up the fire place and listening to the pattering on the roof. There's something inherently cozy about a rainy day. and it relieves you of the urgent sense that you must GO somewhere and DO something. For once, you're allowed to daydream.
Combine that with the opportunity to decorate for a myriad of well adorned holidays and you have an almost perfect season. Of course, I tend to say that about all of them! It's always good to have something to look forward to...

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  1. hi jenn! featured you on my blog today! :)