Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Road Trip Photos!

Took a great road trip to Yellowstone and Montana. Yellowstone was beautiful, but had a feeling of "the Disneyworld of the outdoors." We were lucky enough to be camped near the Lamar valley and it was baby season, I was falling in love with baby buffalo (I know, I know - their supposed to be called bison)
Traveling through Virginia City Montana included this women's store that closed it's doors in the 1940's - everything having been left inside exactley as it was on the day that it closed.
"Nevada City" is a large collection of original buildings, I "spookied up" this photo a little :)

Mom, Dad, and baby Pronghorn - love the little heart shaped bum!

Lower Falls in Yellowstone

Mom, baby, and bird in Yellowstone

"Bloomers" hanging in the store window

Woolens on the store shelves

House in Nevada City

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